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I was a little bored and I wanted a way to track a couple of different groups via, so I wrote the following perl script. You can create separate CSV files in the input directory and enter the names & PIDS of the people you want to track. The script reads in the CSV files and creates an output.html file which includes a link for each individual CSV file you have, containing up to 50 of the PIDS listed per link. Click on the link(s) and it will open a window to's LeaderBoard.

BF2 LeaderBoard Creator


BF2LeaderBoard Ver .2 by Rabbi Bob - /

Test Release
- Added input directory
- Maintain different groups with different CSV files
- Edit input/.csv with your csv editor (Excel, OpenOffice, etc)
- Do not change the order of the columns
- Run BF2LeaderBoard.exe
- Open output.html and follow the link

- When creating a new CSV, the first two lines must be used:


- When in doubt, just copy one of the included examples and alter as needed
- Included are a few example CSV files.