BF2 Leaderboards

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The BF2 Leaderboards are back up and I've manually kicked each of the PIDS below to show up on the linked site.


Below are a collection of group leaderboards. While I may not be a member of each group (GH & dMw), I include myself in the list...well..because it's my site and maybe they'll see me playing if they use the boards like I do.


  • Gamershaven Leaderboard: [1]

Crusty Old Fossil Rockers

  • CoFR Group 1 Leaderboard: [2]
  • CoFR Group 2 Leaderboard: [3]


  • PF Leaderboard: [4]

Family of Crazeh Arsehats

  • FoCA Leaderboard: [5]

Dead Men Walking

  • -=[dMw]=- Leaderboard: [6]

NEW! Bob's Favorites are some hand picked PIDS from the groups below that are comprised of two things: people I like to play with and people who are STILL PLAYING! If you're still playing and I don't have you on the list, email me (doesn't take a genius to figure out my email address, but it's a filter of sorts I guess) your PID. Some on this list are not in the groups above.

Bob's Favorites

  • Group Leaderboard: [7]

How To Use

  • Click on a link above and go to the Group's LeaderBoard
  • Look at the O/O column, you will see White and Green Circles
    • When someone is online the light is Green
    • Hovering over the Green will show the server's IP.
    • Click on the Green will go to GameMonitor and give the server specifics
  • Find your friends and join them.

Bf2leaderboard indicators.gif


A boring gallery of my Award Screenshots.