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OLD Updates


Mediawiki 1.24.1

  • Updated from 1.16.5 (running on a QNAP box no less)
  • Thumbnail issues to resolve (see MW1.20.2 talk)
  • Secondary issue (need to recheck the actual image folders to verify the image exists)
    • That's what happens when you have 0kb (empty) image files. There are roughly 51 of those 0kb files in the file structure.
Error creating thumbnail: convert: Empty input file `<dir>/9/9e/Thelongweekend2_worms.jpg' @ error/jpeg.c/JPEGErrorHandler/316.
convert: no images defined `<dir>/temp/transform_fbce7a10c4ab-1.jpg' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3044.
Error code: 1


  • Flickr - done
  • DynamicArticleList - done
  • VideoFlash: pending


  • Moved from SGUMAX to GuMaxDD
  • Logo update - done
    • gumax_template.css - edited to white background
    • changed bg.jpg to blank white jpg
    • added old headers to skin directory and linked to it (may be time for new headers)



  • Moved from sendmail to ssmtp


Mediawiki 1.16.5

  • Updated from 1.11.0
  • Issues with many extensions, much more than for the MediaWiki 1.11.0 update
  • ImageMagick issues to resolve:
Error creating thumbnail: convert: unable to open image `/var/www/': @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2498.
convert: missing an image filename `/var/www/' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2970.



  • Corrected new items by using [[1]]
  • Pruned External Links list


Increased the $wgRCMaxAge variable to 52 * 7 * 24 * 3600 in LocalSettings to increase the amount of items listed in the Last Entries feed (via the News extension). Previous entries are purged from the RC table over time and causes items to fall off the list. --Rabbi Bob 08:13, 19 December 2009 (EST)