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Updated the site from 1.9 to 1.11.0 this morning. No major issues, only needed to add the sql $dbadminuser and $dbadminpassword to the update.php file and then update Videoflash to the latest version after update ran successfully.

Edited NewsRenderer.php to only show 256kb of the most recent changes, may do less in the future. Will work towards establishing some sort of feed on the front page to signify what the changes were in updated pages.

Moved all blog date entries to a new 'Weblog-YYYY-DD' format so the Categories page is not so weighted at top with just meaningless dates (now they are near the bottom).

Hopefully make it easier for the Boatdrinks of the world.

News Extension

MW 1.11 requires hooks to return values.

Edit News.php line 113 from true; to return true;

Recent Changes

Apparently I have an error in Recent Changes since the update....

...and apparently fixing the News.php issue fixed the Changes Issue.