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  • Install VBCABLE_Driver_Pack43
  • Install VBCABLE_A_Driver_Pack43
  • Install VBCABLE_B_Driver_Pack43
  • Install HiFiCableAsioBridgeSetup_v1007
  • Reboot


  • Verify the following are the same: 16bit 44100 for Playback and Recording in the sound panel
  • So they are accessible if needed, consider copying VBCABLE_ControlPanel.exe from each dir and
    • rename to VBCABLE_ControlPanel_A or _B as applicable
    • move to C:\Program Files (x86)\VB\



Note: Recording only through a USB connected device

  • Show Disabled Devices
  • Disable Dock Mic
  • Disable Jack Mic
  • Disable Microphone Array
  • Plug in USB Microphone
    • Verify connectivity
    • Check Settings:
      • Listen: Off
      • Custom: AGC Off
      • Levels: 50
      • Adv: 1 channel 16bit 44100Hz


Note: Playback via the headphone jack only

  • Disable C-Media USB (Microphone)
  • Disable Speakers/Headphones
  • Set Default Device: Communications Headphones


  • Playback naming convention:
    • Cable Input
    • Cable A Input
    • Cable B Input
    • Hi-Fi Cable Input
    • VoiceMeeter Aux Input <Aux In>
    • VoiceMeeter Input <Desktop In>
  • Recording naming convention:
    • Cable Input
    • Cable A Output
    • Cable B Output
    • Hi-Fi Cable Output
    • VoiceMeeter Aux Output <Aux In>
    • VoiceMeeter Output <Desktop In>

Output Path

  • A1: Headphones\Speakers
  • A2: Recording
  • B2: Export to <program>

Note: CURRENTLY A3-> out to Skype (Cable A Output (VB-Audio Cable A)) --Rabbi Bob (talk) 10:12, 13 April 2019 (EDT)


  • Install VoicemeeterProSetup
    • Reboot
  • "C:\Program Files (x86)\VB\Voicemeeter\VBVMAUX_ControlPanel.exe"
    • Change Internal Sampling to 44100 if not already
    • Reboot if needed

Hardware Output

  • Click A1 and select output: WDM Communications
    • Suggestion: have headphones plugged in or get feedback

Hardware Input 1

  • Rename to Microphone
  • Select Input Device: WDM - <USB Microphone>

Hardware Input 2

  • Rename to VoIP Input
  • Send to A1
  • Send to B2
  • Set select Input Device: WDM - VB-Audio Output (Cable 0)
    • Note: This will go in VoIP program

VoiceMeeter Viao

  • Rename to Soundboard In
  • Send to A1
  • Send to B2

==VoiceMeeter Aux

  • Rename to Desktop In
  • Send to A1
  • Send to B2


  • set audio playback to
    • WDM
    • VoiceMeeter Input


  • VoiceMeeter A3 Hardware Output -> Cable A
  • SKype Audio
    • Microphone: Cable A Output (VB-Audio Cable A)
    • Speakers: Cable Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)