The Long Weekend 2

From Rabbi Blog

Almost a perfect year from the last time we saw The Long Weekend, we jump right into The Long Weekend 2, or perhaps even The Lawn Weekend.


  1. Yards of dirt: 42
  2. lbs of seed (Sun/Shade & Shade): 56
  3. bales of straw: 8
  4. Weekends spend moving/flattening/seeding/rolling: 2
  5. Seeing the smallest sliver of grass the next weekend: Priceless


So we were finally tired of the valleys & pits of our lawn, not to mention the moss that grew in the dark shaded areas (which is easily 1/4 of our lawn). We pulled in 3 dump truck loads of dirt and leveled it out that first weekend. Our neighbor Kerry lent a great hand with his Kabota, turning a good week of manual labor into a Saturday afternoon job.

Valleys & Moss
The Original Lawn
42 Yards of Dirt
King of the Hill