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Trying out 'SourceRSC' from Brainless in order to keep the FoCA CounterStrike Source server up to date with the Fast Asset Download Server.


  • Grabbed the download file and unzipped it on my Windows machine.
  • Ran it once, generating the ini file
  • Edited the ini file for accounts and paths between the two servers
  • Moved everything over to the linux box
  • Ran the program

Issues Dealt With

  1. Had to set both PASV entries to TRUE in the ini
  2. didn't work (even after renaming the target properly)
    1. run the program manually with $ mono SourceRSC.exe
  3. Had a map that just won't work, otherwise everything else was good. I should post to the author and relay the map for his testing.
    1. deagle_crypt_dmw_b3.bsp - fails on the upload side


Right now I'm on 6 of 152 for syncing, however this looks pretty slick so far. I'll add the sv_downloadurl to the server.cfg after this is done.


I'll CRON the job maybe at 2 a.m. and 11 a.m. (off peak hours). I'll also give directions on logging into the linux box and firing it off manually if needed.

FAD SrouceRSCtest.gif