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Podcasts I Subscribe To

A list of Podcasts that I subscribe to, in no particular order. Included are the rss feeds for each Podcast.

  1. rss - The Morning Stream
  2. rss - TWiT
  3. rss - Security Now
  4. rss - FLOSS Weekly
  5. rss - Adam Curry's Daily Source Code
    1. DSC Only feed - Adam adds other shows to the DSC feed above occasionally.
    2. See also id3 art for #715's and #822's artwork
  6. rss - Tips From The Top Floor
  7. rss - NPR - Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me
  8. rss - Windows Weekly
  9. rss - No Agenda
    1. NA-177 1h19m42s - Happy Birthday to Rabbi Bob from Comrade Liam Alexander
    2. NA-255 1h27m10s - Happy Birthday to Andrew Beane
  10. rss - Digital Flotsam
  11. rss - Perfect Head
  12. rss - Coverville
  13. rss - Film Sack
  14. rss - This Week In Google
  15. rss - The Linux Action Show
  16. rss - Bluesday Night Jam by PW Fenton
  17. rss - Final Score
  18. rss - Sword and Laser

Test Driving


  1. rss - Daily Photo Tips With Chris
  2. rss - Whole Nuther Story
  3. rss - Tech5
  4. rss - Cranky Geeks

Chopping Block


  1. rss - NPR - Car Talk
  2. rss - The Dawn And Drew Show
    1. See also: Tuney Tuesday for my submitted segment intro
    2. I lost track of the new feed and didn't bother to re-up
  3. rss - Net@Nite
    1. Still adore AmberMac, but lost interest
  4. rss - John Cleese Podcast
    1. Lost my list once, never went back.
  5. rss -
    1. meh
  6. rss - TWiM
    1. I miss the original days of TWiM when it was about gear and behind the scenes technical talk. The show is truer to its name these days though, but not for me.
  7. rss - Toothbrush Love
    1. If I skip, this one always seems to be the one. I had 4 in the queue at this point. Chopped it.
  8. rss - On This Day In Blues History
    1. At just 2 minutes a show I kept finding them piling up because I couldn't be bothered to keep up every day and catching up 10 at a time was too much. I actually feel a little bad about this one, but the iTunes '!' kept appearing way too often to ignore.
  9. rss - ChickenPop
    1. Too many moist towelettes
  10. rss - The John Greengo Photography Show
    1. Excellent video show, however I have issues giving up my eyes over time and video shows tend to fall away for me.
  11. rss - Security Podcasts
    1. Poor audio quality (interview settings sounded public and open, hard to listen to)
  12. rss - Rock and Roll Geek Show
    1. I just stopped caring about this one enough to listen to the whole show. Removed it today.
  13. rss - FOO Casts: Podcasts from O'Reilly and Friends
    1. Too random for my liking. Unsubscribed
  14. rss - Woot - One Day One Deal
  15. rss - The Tech Guy
    1. Had to let something go today and this one went. Too much back log for my liking.
  16. rss - PerlCast
    1. No longer made
  17. rss - Accident Hash
    1. Sporadic. Debating on putting it back in rotation
    2. iTunes puked the feed list one time and I never put this back in rotation.
  18. rss - Tiki Bar TV
    1. iTunes puked the feed list one time and I never put this back in rotation.

Podcast Software

This section is old. I've picked up an Android phone and I tend to pipe everything through Google Reader and then through Google Listen now. --Rabbi Bob 06:25, 15 August 2011 (EDT)

Since the demise of my iPod, I've since purchased a Sansa E250 as a replacement. Looking to move off of iTunes, I'm currently looking for something that rss aggregates all my podcasts. Here are the programs I am trying (currently one):

  1. PodPuppy - Subscribes and includes a sync directory feature which I use with the Sansa. So far, not bad.
    1. The Author is very responsive on his forums, open to suggestions and very accommodating when the request makes sense.
    2. The recently released ver .5 beta has a few more new features and it's worth checking out.
  2. Podcast Synch Batch File - The old fashion way: by batch file and also the start of a Perl script
    1. Not overly user friendly, but it works for me in that sort of 'I wrote it to do that' kinda way.
    2. Debating on cutting it down just to remove files from the On The Go Playlist, though I have started to use it to synch Audiobooks that I put in the Podcast directory.