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  • First time through I printed to normal paper and then glued that to the cardstock. Ended up with a lot of folding issues (paper crunch for one).
  • HP 1200 LaserJet printer has a rear panel that allows almost bendless pass through: this is perfect


  • Need to make notes on scaling and measuring
  • The first time I did this I was able to print on 30 sheets, the second time it came out as 54 (parts didn't scale to sheet - did I miss a step?)
  • See


  • Using Pepakura without the full license: consider printing to PDF in case reprints are needed to ensure proper scale
  • Print Properties
    • Print Lines Smoothly
      • Transparency: 0%
    • Line Weight 10
  • 2D
    • Show Flaps
    • Show Edge ID




  • Use a bone folder or a dull knife (I've been using an old steak knife)