Migrating Google Plus Accounts

From Rabbi Blog

Example 1

Disclaimer: This is Circle specific, it does not move assets.

I was happy to find that Google had allowed G+ access to apps accounts and I could finally separate my Rabbi Bob account and my alter-ego Mike Beane without compromising my Rabbi Bob-ness. Really, I don't care what Robert Scobel says about pseudonyms either. I found it interesting that I could not find his posts, even the one linked to from the article. Being able to delete comments seems equal to or worse than using a pseudonym, but anyway...

Example 2

I first started migrating individuals the hard way: typing them in. Then I realized I could share a circle between accounts (or with anyone really) and that's when it became easy.

Note: works best with two browsers

  • Log into the source account in one browser
  • Log into the target account in another browser
  • Friend yourself (you may be able to skip this)
Example 3
  • Open your Circles list in the primary account and select a Circle
    • Select SHARE
    • Enter the target account as the receiver & share the Circle (Example 1)
  • Check your notifications on the target account (Example 2)
  • Open the notification you sent yourself
  • View the Circle
  • In the 'Create a new circle or add to an existing circle' box, type the name of the circle (Example 3)
  • Click ADD TO (or Create as necessary)
  • If you're cleaning house, delete the Circle from the source account.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

It was that easy!