From Rabbi Blog

I'll post more on the content later. I have released 2.1b this morning with one major advancement: use of an external config file. This will allow greater freedom in updating the core of the script and getting it out to beta users without having them re-write the variables everytime I have an update.

Two flavors are available: Compiled Exe and Perl.

Also, I have modified the missing.txt file so it prints the entire logline to the file if the scanner doesn't recognize it. Please send the missing.txt files when possible to rabbibob @ By design, the logscanner will not output RCON information of any type. In the future I will change it to mask the rcon_password, until then, nothing passes through.

I'm really interested in seeing logs with Mani and Beetlefart information (still waiting on a request posted at Beetle's forums here).

Users of amxmodx will want to edit their /addons/amxmodx/configs/core.ini file as follows:

Logging mode
0 - no logging
1 - one logfile / day
2 - one logfile / map
3 - HL Logs

amxx_logging 3

This will push the information into the normal HL log giving you admin events inline with playing events. The amxmodx guys were great in implementing this (read here).

I am still looking at the database addon for this. Unfortunately I need to learn more about db maintenance or else face the fact that I managed to fill the database with 8 months worth of fighting (8,000,000 records + were indexed before the db stopped accepting new inputs).

I may look to Sourceforge next to find someone interested enough in this project to help and if that goes through, I'll look at implementing a CVS for this.