Insurgency Mod Scripts

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Weapons Change

I hate the mouse wheel inventory change and the game doesn't seem to adhere to slot1, slot2 default key binds (or maybe I missed something). Either way I have issues with the game and weapon changing and I decided to work around it.

Below is my script for setting the binds. I purposely did not script a way to drop from iron sights into the weapon change.

//Weapon Selection
alias "weapon2" "slot1;SCROLLDOWN"
alias "weapon4" "slot5;SCROLLDOWN"
alias "weapon5" "slot1;SCROLLUP"

bind "1" "slot1; +attack; wait; -attack"    //Rifle
bind "2" "slot2; +attack; wait; -attack"    //Pistol
bind "3" "slot5; +attack; wait; -attack"    //Knife
bind "4" "weapon4; +attack; wait; -attack"  //Gren1
bind "5" "weapon5; +attack; wait; -attack"  //Gren2

If you don't like how key "2" doesn't roll to the next weapon if you are using a class that does not have a Pistol, replace the bind "2" from above with the following line:

bind "2" "weapon2; +attack; wait; -attack"    //Pistol