If it ain't nailed down

From Rabbi Blog

2005-10-03 05:48

Have MG? Will move furniture!


Sniper's Roost

People bugging you while you're in the sniper's roost?

dod_anzio sniper


Building Route

Think the building route is getting too fast for the opposition?

dod_donner Building Route

First Flag

From Axis side, this is a bureau near 1st flag that can be pushed down to the back path entrance, though the small stone wall there makes it easy to get over.

dod_donner First Flag


The piano is readily available on the Axis side on donner and you can plug up the alley with it within the first 45-60sec of gameplay with the MG. If you're good, you can get it to stand up the whole time. Allies can still get over it, however you can hear them grunting as they jump 2-3 times to find the small ledge on it.

dod_donner alley

Bureaus? Pianos? Collect them all!

dod_donner collect them all!

Dire and I left out two bureaus, 1 near impossible to get out once it has fallen over and in the snipers bedroom 2nd floor Axis side. I ran out of bullets getting it out of the door.