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Found a review by Steve (@boxeeappreviews) over at Boxee App Review on my channel. Not overly glowing, but then again neither is my personal channel. Did find the comment about Annoying Orange odd (re: opens page then click again to view video) as I haven't experienced that in my Boxee build.


My personal repo is now up at

  • Channels
    • No Agenda
    • Annoying Orange (YouTube feed)
    • Dawn and Drew TV (YouTube feed)
    • Homemade Chicken (YouTube feed) - need to fix image
    • John Greengo Photography Show (defunct?)
    • Rabbi Bob (YouTube feed)
  • Removed
    • Chris Marquardt (YouTube feed) {removed}


I've been playing with Boxee lately, both on my main PC and the HTPC, and I've started to attempt a few applications.

My first attempt is an app to bring together some of the elements around the No Agenda podcast.

Since then, I've made an app for the John Greengo Photography Show (CreativeTechs) and HomeMadeChickn on YouTube. Annoying Orange may be next (for the kids).

I've also put together a repository, however at this moment, only the No Agenda app appears to work from the repo and the other two do not. Learning....