AMXMODX Admin Limit

From Rabbi Blog

Note: As of 1.8.0 - Admins are now dynamic and not limited to MAX_ADMINS.

The admin plugin AMXMODX has an upper limit of admins hard coded in the default compiled install package. In order to overcome this limit, perform the following:

  1. Download AMXMODX
  2. Unpack the files
  3. Open the plugins directory: amxmodx-1.xx-source\amxmodx\plugins
  4. Open admin.sma in a text editor
  5. Find the line #define MAX_ADMINS 64
  6. Change the 64 to a higher value: #define MAX_ADMINS 256
  7. Close admin.sma
  8. execute compile.exe
    1. Each .sma file will be recompiled and put in the amxmodx-1.xx-source\amxmodx\plugins\compiled\ directory
  9. Copy compiled\admin.amxx to your server's \amxmodx\plugins directory
  10. Restart the server

Here is an example compiled amxmodx v 1.75a admin.amxx file with 256 admin slots. (Right Click and SAVE-AS).