3D Printing - Things I've Learned

From Rabbi Blog

This hopefully will be a page of things I'm slowly learning over time. It may list things that I question as well.

Test Prints

Resizing Originals: Save The STL

I learned this the hard way recently. I had a request for curtain hooks to go in a pop-up camper and sure enough, Thingiverse had some examples. I was given an original hook for reference and measured it, resized the .stl file in Cura and save the gcode for testing. Gave the original and test prints to the owner for fit testing. A month or so goes by and I go to print a dozen, which I should do all at once, and I realize that I don't have the dimensions. Luckily I printed two at a time in the test print gcode, so I have that.

What I learned: EXPORT the test .STL file before sending to GCODE. Simple as that. It's easier than documenting the dimensions (an alternative) and re-use factor is infinite.