2011 Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

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Praying Will Not Save You.JPG

Praying Will Not Save You

Spent the morning with Mike and Bryce near the Shopping Cart area of the Kenduskeag in Bangor to shoot the 45th Annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race. Also saw @justinrussell for the third year in a row at the event.

Again this year I was on a mission to capture everyone that passed me for the duration (start through 1:30 PM) I was there and with the exception of a handful of blurry pictures, I made it. Like last year, the following set will be a bit overwhelming in size, but I made the goal and you can see them in my Flickr Account in the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race 2011 set. Later I'll break out some personal favorites. I currently have a The <object> of Determination series going with some tongue in cheek (and out of mouth) takes on situations and expressions.

Last year I peaked at 3500 or so views in three days, this time around in 12 hours I'm at 5200 and climbing. Crazy.

Links to other sets from people I know:

This year I tried the CHDK hack for the Powershot and put together a video of just under 2 hours of time in 10 second increments. Learned a bit, like bring more batteries and the need to check out a script for turning the display off to save power. Check that out below: