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My path for updating the US Cellular based HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize.

Updating to Froyo wipes your phone settings completely.


  • AppBrain
    • Link AppBrain to your Gmail account
    • Sync with AppBrain
    • Log into the website with the account and verify you see all of your apps
    • My Appbrain App List
  • Backup Everything
    • Run Backup Everything on your phone ~ no longer in App Market. Trying random replacement.
  • App Backup Reinstall
    • Not as good as Backup Everything, but worked well for retrieving non-Market apps.
  • US Cellular Backup (for contacts)
    • Run Backup

HTC Desire

  • http://www.uscellular.com/android/software.html (reference)
  • http://www.htc.com/us/support/desire-uscellular/downloads/ - Get the following
    • HTC Sync 3.0.51 for HTC Desire™ | 01.11.2011 (69 MB)
    • HTC Desire FROYO Upgrade (Software 2.11.573.0) | 02.08.2011
      • How to Download and Install (2 MB)
      • FROYO upgrade (Software 2.11.573.0) - Dowload (171 MB)
  • Install HTC Sync
  • Read the How To Download and Install
  • After you've updated AppBrain, Backup Everything, US Cellular Backup, connect the Desire to your PC and follow the How To Downland and Install directions
    • Optional: Remove your SD Card (can't hurt, right?)
  • Phone reboots and finalizes 2.2
  • Setup phone initially as you when you first got it. Sign into everything you did before. Don't worry about Market updates
  • US Cellular Backup (for contacts)
    • Run Backup to restore contacts
  • Go to the Market and get Backup Everything
    • Restore your apps
      • I had SMS issues when I restored messages. Leave those out.
  • Go to the Market and get AppBrain
    • Setup AppBrain and link to your Gmail account. Sync with AppBrain
    • Go to the AppBrain website and look at your account
      • If there are no apps under your new phone's profile, move them from your old phone's profile
    • Sync with AppBrain again & update programs
  • Once you are happy with Froyo, uninstall HTC Sync from your PC
  • Done
Desire with 2.2

Samsung Mesmerize

Holy crap...finally!

My experience differed greatly at this point. I powered off the device, installed the SD card again, powered up... and I received email. How could that be? I hadn't set anything up yet. Apparently this upgrade was non-destructive and everything came through intact. If not, I had have followed the same path I did for the Desire. Nicely done Samsung & US Cellular.

  • Once you are happy with Froyo, uninstall Kies Mini from your PC
  • Done

A few days later I did a Factory Reset just to do it and restored all my programs as described in the Desire instructions. No issues noted.

Mesmerize with 2.2