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BR sent me a link to the announcement stating that Mesmerize was getting Gingerbread and since documenting the Updating to Froyo was helpful to some, I'll do the same again for this update.

One thing that I did not keep on was the builds and I've just realized that I'm running EC10 and EE19 has been out, which may have fixed some of my bug issues. I need to keep up on that going forward.


Update: It's out. Starting in a few minutes on the update. --Rabbi Bob 18:25, 30 August 2011 (EDT)


Awesome, Thank you! RT @rabbibob: @TeamUSCellular 
Downloading update right now and will be giving it a go tonight.  
Will document as well (did with Froyo too).

Updating the Samsung Mesmerize

These are my notes and steps. Your mileage may vary.



  • Start downloading the update (USCC_I500_EH09_SimpleDL.exe) now. It's 417 MB (See Update Directions Link above)
  • AppBrain
    • The Update directions has this line at the bottom: Free applications will have to be searched for again and downloaded manually. To avoid this, I use AppBrain for the ease of reloading Apps
    • Link AppBrain to your Gmail account
    • Sync with AppBrain
    • Log into the website with the account and verify you see all of your apps
    • My Appbrain App List
  • Exported Contacts
    • From the Home screen, touch Contacts > Menu.
    • Touch Import/Export > Export to SD card.
    • Confirm export by selecting OK.
  • US Cellular Backup (for contacts)
    • Run Backup
  • Any other backup processes - do them now.
  • Removed the SD card
  • On your phone->Settings->USB Settings-> Samsung Kies
  • Install USCC_I500_EH09_SimpleDL.exe
    • Takes a while to unpack. Get some ice cream or something. Maybe find the USB cable that came with your phone, especially if it's out in your car.
    • Next->Install->{Wait some more}->Finish
  • Double click the Samsung Simple Upgrade Tool for SCH-I500 EH09 on your desktop
  • Next {I mean, you have a Mesmerize right?}->Accept->Next->Next {Backed up everything, right?}
  • Attach the USB cable

    • Deal with any driver prompts that might appear. I let Windows Update deal with the drivers.
      • SAMSUNG Android USB Composite Device 0
      • CDC Abstract Control Module (ACM)
      • USB Mass Storage Device (failed)
      • S3C6410 Android ADB
  • I had small problem at this point, where a dialog box popped up asking if I was in Emergency Mode. Clicked no and then Back
  • Unplugged/replugged USB cable
    • Received unable to open COM Port error. Rebooting computer. Restarting Phone
    • After rebooting, I still could not open the port. I did the following:
      • unplugged the phone
      • Phone->Settings->USB Settings-> Mass Storage
      • Plugged in usb cable and verified the phone was seen by the USB controller, then unplugged
      • Phone->Settings->USB Settings-> Samsung Kies
      • Repeated the software update steps above
  • Click Software Download
    • Phone shows Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target!!!
      • Saw Windows cycle a couple of taskbar error messages about USB device malfunctioning and then USB device ready. Software Download window shows no progress. Waiting....
    • Error Cannot Find USB Port
    • Clicked OK
    • Completed Flash Programming
    • Clicked OK
    • Software window says UPDATE IS COMPLETED, but the phone still says downloading. Uhm....
  • Yanked Battery, restarted phone, came up in Froyo. Trying again.
  • Checked Device Manager and found a Samsung DVD USB driver with a "!" (note the fail above)
    • Right click->Update Driver
      • Success!
  • Started...with a progress bar this time!
  • Completed Flash Programming
    • Clicked OK
  • Error Occurred! Cancel Download!!errcode:3
  • New graphic on phone I've never seen before.
  • Sigh
  • New graphic appears to be my
  • Sigh^2


Ref: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=731989

  1. Remove the battery, sim card, sdcard if you have one
  2. Insert the battery
  3. Hold both Volume buttons (from i5000 just down, don't touch the power button)
  4. Plug in the USB cable and continue holding both Volume buttons
  • Yay.. Downloading Screen!
  • Started Update Program and received Please Check USB Settings!! dialog. Yes to download Froyo or No.
    • No will cycle through and give the same result
    • What the heck, let's get back to Froyo at least. Yes->Next->Start->UPDATING
      • Error code 3 again. PHONE!PC again. *bangheadondesk*
  • Moved USB port
  • Cycled Phone - Samsung USB Composite Device fail.
    • Update driver
    • Best driver already installed
    • Uninstall driver
  • Installed Kies
    • All device drivers installed - device is ready to use
  • Crosses fingers
  • Ran Update again -> Yes at Froyo -> Completed -> Reboot Phone..

Good karma from @USCellular

@rabbibob wow , incredible blog report on issues updating
to Gingerbread on the mesmerize. seems most are not 
facing these issues. best of luck and keep us updated!
  • And we're back to Froyo! Never thought I'd be happy to see that again.
  • Toggled Mass Storage->Kies again

Gingerbread Attempt Part Deux Squared

  • Running Update w/progress this time
  • Phone just rebooted on it's own. Hearing the boot music is good....
  • and we're golden!


Installing Kies may have been a good idea up front in order to have the drivers properly installed. After installing that, I had no more flaky issues in the USB area and the update went like it was described in the Update Instructions.


I'll migrate pictures into the blog later, the update took too long. Until then, here are all my shots on Flickr.