Stargate SG-1 Goes Up On The Chopping Block

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Stargate Atlantis

The SCI FI Channel is ending Stargate Atlantis after five seasons, Multichannel News reports.

The show will go on, though, with a 2-hour movie that will air on SCI FI in 2009, and be released on DVD by MGM. The film will be written by executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.



there will be a third series coming up:

Stargate SG-1

I usually won't bother with these sorts of things, but this one really gets me.

According to Gateworld, SG-1 (which aired its 200th episode this past Friday) is going into cancellation and Atlantis is going to be picked up for a fourth season.

It's happened before and hopefully there is something that is worked out, either in the way of continuing the show.

Wormhole from the Pegasus Galaxy attaches to the Milky Way

This is Atlantis, copy?


This is Atlantis, is anyone home?


I think they've all gone home...