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Rabbi Bob meets Rabbi Bob

A long time ago, I posted that Rabbi Bob wants to meet Rabbi Bob and I never really followed up with how that turned out. I'm pleased to say that it turned out pretty well! After a few email exchanges with Mr. Alper, Erin and I took a drive up to Bangor and had the opportunity to meet in person. We chatted for a few minutes as there was a pending scheduled event about to occur, however I was extremely impressed with how courteous and engaging he was with Erin, who didn't stop smiling for the rest of the evening.

It was a pleasure to have met!

Bob, Bob & Erin
Bob & Erin

Rabbi Bob wants to meet Rabbi Bob

For quite some time I've been "Rabbi Bob", since 1996 actually and mainly due to a fluke that the name I wanted on Compuserve was taken and "Rabbi Fred" just didn't have a good ring to it. I've also been aware of Google's choice to always pick someone else over me whenever I put Rabbi Bob in the engine.

Rabbi Bob Alper, the comedian.

Well, it appears Mr. Alper is coming to within 30 miles of where I live:

  • May 19-20 Bangor, ME Congregation Beth El

Whether or not I can work in the Ugly Baby during a photo op, I'll never know, but I figure I have a few months to work out what approach I'll take and then Rabbi Bob will meet Rabbi Bob ("even if it is too nauseatingly cute"). Wonder what Fiona will say when I tell her this.

p.s. If Mr. Alper happens to ever read this site and wonder "who is this guy?", maybe we can put two minds to rest at the same time

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