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New camera

Unfortunately our Canon Powershot A60 finally decided to die. I researched fixing it and decided that it was time to upgrade to something that could compare to my Minolta SRT-201 (yes, ancient and fully manual). We looked around for a few weeks and we came back to Canon eventually with a toss up between the Powershot S2 and the newer S3 model. We picked up the S3 and it is turning out to be a great camera. You can read about the details of it over at



In attempt to have some control over our digital picture collection that has grown out of control over the last three years, I'm trying out Google's "Picassa" and finding it to be powerful and easy to use. Moving files, renaming, color correction, album creation and exporting are just some of the features that the program has. Funny thing is, I think Cory told me about this a year ago, so I'm late to the party!


A few sites to check out: