Oculus Rift S

From Rabbi Blog


Check Logins

  • If there are multiple profiles, log everyone else out (resources + program hooks)


  • So far any slow game starts has been corrected by logging off the Profile, logging back in, then going through Start Up (below). Example: Beat Saber should take no longer than 30 seconds to fully boot (menu screen in 10 seconds). Longer than that, consider slow as the issue.

Start Up

  • Log in
  • Start Oculus program
    • If devices was not plugged in
      • Attach USB (blue)
      • Attach DVI-D
    • Go to Devices
    • Is it connected?
      • If Not, check the error it tells you. USB, etc, may need to be unplugged and plugged back in.

Guardian Check

  • Move out of the known safe area, does it show up?


  • Start Steam and log in
    • RB? Cancel out of Family View

No Sound

  • set Steam launch option: '-vrmode oculus'

Slow Start UP

  • See Slow (above)