New Year 2015

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Haven't posted in a very long time, hadn't had much to say nor the time to say it. By the fourth day of the new year I had started identifying the time sucks, what they were and how much they fit in the balance of where I need to be. Started by eliminating a couple today, low hanging fruit but substantial.

Went out shooting photography on the 1st with a good friend and that felt great to get back to. I was a little rusty and full on manual took a few minutes to get back into the swing of, but then it felt right again.

Staring the guitars next - not enough music in my life these days.

Took the following picture a couple of weeks ago, 19 slices total, of where I work:

The kids are growing up and we're starting to get into some of the same areas of interest - it's a mixture of both scary and neat all balled up in one package. Looking forward to what comes next.