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Folders & Files required to move from previous install

   Depending on version: data/mods or /minetest4/games/mesetint/mods
   Entire world directory 

Start new build and migrate

  • Backup the current directory and move the contents to the side
    • Run Minetest:Backup script if available or backup your directory before updating
    • mv minetest4 minetest4_preupdate
  • Get the build and compile in its own directory
    • wget minetestc55_201203202107-0~1301~maverick1.tar.gz
    • tar -zxvf minetestc55_201203202107-0~1301~maverick1.tar.gz
    • mv recipe-201203202107-0~\{revno\}/ minetest4_build
    • cd minetest4_build
    • cmake . -DRUN_IN_PLACE=1 -DENABLE_SOUND=0
      • note: added -denable_sound on my server, no sound and no direct client from that machine
    • make -j2
  • Create new minetest4 directory and copy essential files from minetest4_preupdate into it
    • mkdir minetest4
    • copy bin, games, builtin folder from minetest4_build to minetest4
    • copy minetest.conf and mods from minetest4_prebuild to minetest4/minetest4/games/mesetint/mods
      • Be careful not to migrate the following mod directories:
        • bucket, default, legacy, experimental, give_initial_stuff
    • Run bin/minetestserver and verify all the mods work correctly