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I've followed Punished Prop's Bill Doran for a number of years by way of The Morning Stream podcast and usually sit in awe watching his builds, which my son & I watch from time to time.

This past December, Bill posted the "Making Rey's Lightsaber" tutorial (complete with video) and now that we have a 3D printer I figured why not?!

I'm now two months into this project.

This page will change over time, some of it I'm documenting for me to remember where I am.



The parts

I made a list of parts in a Google Sheet which also includes the pictures of the parts, estimated time and materials for printing.


Sanding and priming (Fail)

My first sanding\priming job and the lines were abysmal, however the primer fill helped expose the areas that really needed more attention.



I used a 3M putty (I couldn't find the one Bill used in his list locally) and that worked really well. I applied a lot of it and filled in the holes\ridges. The only downside to a lot of putty is more sanding, but that's fine.

I picked up 250|500|1000|1250 grit paper in large format at Harbour Freight for a few dollars and I cut it into small strips as I need it. I picked needle files as well.



Finished priming, three or four coats of primer in small application.


Krylon Chrome Metal dusting

Gloss Black

Applied a Gloss Black atop the primer. I do not have an airbrush and though I can see how Bill did it in his video, I couldn't get the same effect with the spray can.


Started the dusting with Krylon Chrome. The entire process took four coats (this is the 2nd coat of dusting)


Today I'm glossing the hilt. More pictures later.



Currently learning Arduino.. and waiting for a breadboard to arrive.