How to convert an XBox controller to a USB controller

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2005-10-02 07:11

Warning: It worked for me, however YMMV

I almost bought a $15 usb converter and then I said to myself, I have a spare controller, let's give this a shot.


  • Xbox controller
  • USB cable with male end
  • utility blade/razor
  • tape/solder
  • dykes


Normal xboxusb1.jpg
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Normal xboxusb3.jpg
Normal xboxusb4.jpg
  1. Snip cable. I suggest snipping it after the plug connector (nearest the end of the cable) so if you botch it up and want to go back to a full Xbox controller, you only need a new patch end or just rewire the original.
  2. Cut back the cable jacket on both the XBOX patch end and the USB cable. My USB cable came from a $2.50 Intel Play Camera that only worked under 98.
  3. Match the wire ends up and connect them. I used black electrical tape for the first test. Note the yellow wire is not needed (See USB Cables below).
  4. Attach it to your PC

USB Cables


A standard USB cable has 4 wires in it, plus shield:

  • red: VCC (5Volt, max. 100mA/500mA)
  • black: Gnd
  • white: D0-
  • green: D0+ (I've seen a blue wire used instead here by some USB cables)
  • shield: Drain-wire (usually connected to the case)

The Xbox cable shown above consists of the usual four USB wires plus the special yellow one mentioned above, plus shield:

  • red: VCC (5Volt)
  • black: Gnd
  • white: D0-
  • green: D0+
  • yellow: special Xbox (lightpen??)
  • shield: Drain-wire (usually connected to the case)

The four wires (red, black, white and green) are like the standard USB ones described above. Securely connect the two wire sets. Make sure the tape job is snug to reduce the stress of pulls. A loop at the junction isn't a bad idea for best protection.


Download the Drivers from

  • XBCD Source Code Windows 98/2000/XP -
  • All Digital Buttons Version 0.43 Windows 98/2000/XP - <-xbcd.sys
  • Driver installation directions
  • Play away!