Fusion360 Tutorials

From Rabbi Blog


by Product Design Online

30 Days

  1. Lego Brick (see notes)
    • shell (hollow), extrude, pattern (rectangle) duplication, circle, line (draft)
  2. Beer Bottle
    • reference image, fit point spline, revolve, glass appearance
  3. Paper Clip
    • Line, sketch fillets, sweep (from sketch profile)
  4. Whiskey Bottle
    • Offset planes, loft, loft guide rails, construction sketch lines, shell (hollow), threads (check model if printing)



  • Constraints
    • Horizontal\Vertical - make line(s) the same length. Click the H\V, then the end point of the line to be changed, then the reference point.
  • If tangent circles don't show up: Auto Project Preferences
    • Turn on Auto project edges on reference and turn off Auto look at sketch
    • You'll need this on the Lego Brick Tutorial
  • If you can't select a circle\surface\etc, make sure it is flat (see Constraints)
    • Could not select the top of the beer bottle