Ebay and Bending

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Hopefully I don't have to expand on this in the future, but I wanted to put it out somewhere publically that the next time I say "Winning buyer pays $20 for shipping (includes insurance). Shipping to the continental United States only" and the winner ends up being from Canada, I am NOT going to bend and ship to Canada. I'd have been better off saying "sorry, but I'm reposting the auction" rather than the fun I've been experiencing with this shipment.

The End

Finally, after 20 days, it's over!

2006/09/19 17:53 MONTREAL, QC Item successfully delivered to Receiver's address
2006/09/19 17:53 Signature image recorded for Online viewing
2006/09/19 11:38 MONTREAL, QC Item out for delivery
2006/09/18 10:39 Item was released from Customs and is now with Canada Post for sortation
2006/09/01 18:38 International shipment has arrived in Canada
2006/08/31 09:18 International item has left the origin country and is en route to Canada
2006/08/31 00:34 International shipment has left the origin country and is en route to Canada