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* '''@rurugby'''
* '''@rurugby'''
* '''@lanalee'''
* '''@lanalee'''
* @jennygr4
* @jennygr4 - transaction pending
* @tanyapereira
* @tanyapereira

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You're most likely here because @rabbibob sent you a message to confirm that you're interested in Curling. Below are the details including cost.

There are 8 people in a group and a max of 24. In the past we've filled 2 groups and my goal is to fill the slots based on received payment ("the check is in the mail" is good enough).

Putting together a Curling team (or 2) for the November 18th You Can Curl Experience.


  • Event: You Can Curl Experience
  • Description: The You Can Curl Experience requires eight people and $200 to rent one sheet of ice. You get two instructors who will give you the overview, take you down on the ice for the quick course and then you curl for two hours under their guidance. All must be older than 12; stiff knees and bad backs can be accommodated, but everyone must be sure-footed with good balance. Wear clean, loose, warm clothing and BRING a clean pair of sneakers to wear on the ice.

The club sports three sheets of ice so one or two other games may be played at the same time.

The fee is non-refundable unless the ice can be re-rented

  • Contact: For more information send an email to membership by clicking here.
  • Start Date: November 18, 2012
  • Start Time: 10:00 AM
  • End Time: 1:00 PM

Past Curlups

  • Some pictures from the last few years on Flickr


  • The bulk of communication will be done via Twitter using @rabbibob and the hashtag #curlup


  • $25 per person
  • Let @rabbibob know if PayPal is optional via DM (I'll try to follow you as soon as I can) otherwise we'll need to fall back to email & checks via snail mail.

Sheet Reservations

We've got a little bit to go before 11/3, but time flies and I need to collect to reserve the sheet ($200 reserves the sheet).

  • Bold = Paid (Thanks!)
  • First pay, first serve has been used
  • These are not teams, they represent a full sheet
  • Sending Sheet 1 payment next week (before Halloween)
  • If Sheet 2 is not filled, I will refund
    • If Sheet 2 is not filled, I will give my slot to Ryan (my guest)

Sheet 1

  • @rabbibob
  • @justinrussell
  • @mattmill
  • @DrWhoGrl
  • @GriffinClubMerv (TeamMerv = 4)

Sheet 2

  • @wy1dsta1yn (2)
  • Ryan
  • @mattmill #2 (tentative)
  • @GibranGraham
  • @rurugby
  • @lanalee
  • @jennygr4 - transaction pending
  • @tanyapereira